Best Classic Book, Candle & Bookmark Gift Sets

Immerse yourself in your favorite classic literature by reading in a cozy room, filled with the ambiance set by a candle. These candles are inspired by the setting of the story from the experience of the lead character. And when you have settled into your story and have read all that you can for the moment, a lovely brushed metal bookmark, with a quote from the book, is included in the set to rest between the pages and hold your place. 

The candles in the sets have a generous, aromatic "throw", are 100% soy wax, non-toxic, Phthalte free, Paraben free, have a 100% cotton wick and are hand poured by INTI candles.  We are soo proud of the quality of our candles. 

As much as we thoughtuflly selected the scents in the candles to carry your imagination to an experience that one of the characters might have had in the book, the quotes on our bookmarks are also thoughtfully selected in hopes to capture the essence of the character of the paired story and candle.


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